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01/01/2016          Tree Down          Backbone Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

01/08/2016          MVA                      I-79 SB, Ohio Twp

01/20/2016          MVA                      Fox Hill Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

01/26/2016          Tree Down          Sewickley Heights Dr, Sewickley Heights Twp

01/31/2016          MVA                      I-79  SB, Sewickley Hills Twp

02/03/2016          Fire Alarm           Pink House Ln, Sewickley Heights Twp

02/19/2016          MVA                      Blackburn Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

02/21/2016          Fire Alarm            Scaife Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

02/24/2016          Vehicle Fire          I-79 NB, Ohio Twp

02/25/2016          MVA                      Blackburn Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

02/27/2016          Fire Alarm            Masonic Dr, Aleppo Twp

02/27/2016          MVA                      I-79 SB, Aleppo Twp

03/02/2016          T/W                       Deer Run Rd, Aleppo Twp

03/02/2016          Natural Gas        Scaife Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

03/10/2016          Fire Alarm           Hillside Dr, Sewickley Heights Twp

03/17/2016          T/W                       Broad St, Leetsdale

03/24/2016          Brush Fire            Glen Mitchell Rd, Aleppo Twp

03/27/2016          Structure Fire      Allegheny River Blvd, Penn hills

03/27/2016          Fire Alarm            Persimmon Rd, Sewickley Heights Twp

03/30/2016          MVA                      I-65N, Glenfield Borough

04/06/2016         Vehicle Fire          Masonic Dr, Aleppo Twp

04/06/2016         Fire Alarm            Country Club Ln, Sewickley Heights

04/09/2016         Natural Gas         Barberry Ln, Sewickley Heights

04/11/2016         Vehicle Fire          I-79 N, Ohio Twp

04/11/2016         Structure Fire      Fair Acres, Sewickley Heights

04/15/2016         Station Transfer    Bellevue

04/15/2016         MVA                      Ohio River Blvd, Emsworth

04/18/2016         Fire Alarm            Masonic Dr, Aleppo

04/19/2016         Wires                    Stonedale, Sewickley Heights

04/23/2016         MVA                       I-79NB, Ohio Twp

04/26/2016         MVA                      I-79 SB, Sewickley Hills

05/01/2016         Structure Fire     Spring Garden Rd, Moon Twp

05/01/2016         Fire Alarm           Barberry Rd, Sewickley Heights

05/04/2016         Structure Fire     Laurel Oak Dr, Ohio Twp

05/05/2016         Fire Alarm           Water Works Rd, Sewickley Heights

05/06/2016         Fire Alarm           North Dr, Aleppo

05/08/2016         Wires                   Blackburn Rd, Sewickley Heights

05/12/2016         Fire Alarm            Masonic Dr, Aleppo

05/12/2016         Fire ALarm           Hillside Dr, Sewickley Heights

05/13/2016         Tree Down           Ferry Rd, Sewickley Heights

05/19/2016         Fire Alarm           Persimmon Rd, Sewickley Heights

05/31/2016         Natural Gas        East Beaver St, Glenfield

06/05/2016         Wires                   Pony Hollow Rd, Sewickley Heights

06/13/2016         MVA                     Glen Mitchell Rd, Aleppo

06/23/2016         CO Alarm            Sewickley Heights Dr, Aleppo

06/24/2016         Tree Down          Backbone Rd, Sewickley Heights

06/24/2016         Brush Fire           Huntington Ave, Emsworth

06/29/2016         Fire Alarm           Backbone Rd, Sewickley Heights






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