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Our Officers


Chief William Davis Jr

Assistant Chief Justin Davis

Deputy Chief Eric Jarvie

Captain Chuck Davis Jr

Lieutenant Robert W Nuttall


Aleppo VFC currently has 29 active firefighters who are willing to drop whatever they are doing--work or even dinner with their families--to protect our communities. We also have 8 non-active life members, who have served at least 25 years on the fire company. While they no longer attend calls, they still come around to help with anything that needs to be done or just to share their knowledge that comes from years of service.


Aleppo VFC participates in the Pennsylvania Junior Firefighter Program, which allows minors who are 14 and over to begin to learn the ins and outs of fire service, in a safe and controlled environment. Aleppo VFC currently has four members participating in the program. A member is considered a Junior Firefighter on Aleppo until they have both turned 18 and graduated high school. All of our junior members must adhere to the Pennsylvania Junior Emergency Service Compliance Manual.


If you are interested in becoming a firefighter at Aleppo, please stop down on any of practices nights, Mondays at 7pm, to fill out an application. Or email us at for more information.

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